Beautiful White Smile
It´s the most popular cosmetic procedure known to man. That´s because it´s not only relatively inexpensive but easy to obtain and, more importantly, it works. Teeth whitening has already benefitted millions of individuals around the globe by turning their grey, yellowing and coffee, wine or tobacco-stained molars back to the pearly shade of white their teeth showed when they were a child. As a result it´s improved their smile, confidence and self-esteem.

But how do you know it´s going to work for you and – given the vast amount of teeth whitening options out there to choose from – what´s the best kit to invest your hard-earned cash in?

Well, that´s where we at come in. We´ve consulted dental expert and leading teeth whitening researcher Dr Robert Esmund BDS to give us his personal opinion on what he believes are currently the best teeth whitening kits on the market.

Dr Esmund is not affiliated with any teeth whitening kit so you can trust his reviews to be 100 per cent impartial and with the consumer´s best interests at heart. He´s also a master of his trade having reviewed around 150 teeth whitening applications to date such as pens, strips, gels and toothpaste in addition to take-home kits.

So what are the top kits we currently recommend, and why? To make it easier to choose we´ve compared and marked them according to four basic categories:

  • how effective they are – whitening toothpaste, for example, will not clean long-term stains
  • ease of use – do you have to wear a gum mould all night, every night for a fortnight?
  • safety – some kits can cause sensitivity to teeth and gums
  • value for money – products can range in price from £4 for a tube of whitening toothpaste to hundreds of pounds for laser whitening

Additional home whitening resource

In addition to Dr Esmund’s reviews, we also recommend checking out the more recent and regularly updated Home Teeth Whitening Kits website where you will find more up-to-date reviews and information relating to home teeth whitening, plus recommendations on the best kits on the market in the UK.

So why do we all want a brighter smile?

A white smile today is regarded as a healthy smile. Potential partners react better to gleaming shiny teeth and so do employers.

Dental Health Magazine recently reported a survey showed 57 per cent of adult participants regarded a bright smile as not just important but “highly desireable.”

But how did my teeth stain in the first place?

The colour of teeth is genetic but can be affected by external factors such as foods (sugar-laden items) or drinks (red wine, coffee) which can, over time, stain your pearly whites. A trauma can also change the colour of teeth by cracking the enamel and allowing external substances to seep in. Unfortunately our teeth also discolour as we age and, of course, are affected by how we´ve looked after them hygiene-wise.

Are there any ‘natural’ ways to whiten my teeth?

Not to whiten them but to prevent your teeth getting further discoloured you can remove food particles by biting on crunchy foods such as apples, celery and carrots.

Top-Rated Teeth Whitening Kits