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Beaming White® is the name for a teeth whitening system that originated in the USA but is available in the UK, either as a treatment provided by General Dental Council-registered professionals at a centre in London or Manchester, or as do-it-yourself products for use by anyone in their own home.

When the treatment is carried out at a centre, a special LED light is used to help speed up the process and get the best results. The home use kits don’t include such a light, but the company does claim that their home kits can still achieve the same sort of results as professional whitening at the dentist.

Beaming White home kits come in two types: Daily White and the Deluxe Home Whitening

The Daily White kit (£55) is a foaming formulation (with cleansing foam and whitening foam) that helps to remove stains and plaque, much like a mouthwash. You apply it to your toothbrush and brush your teeth for one minute before rinsing out. It is quite effective at removing stains but cannot be said to be a true ‘whitening’ treatment in so far as it doesn’t actually bleach the teeth.

The Deluxe Home Kit (£99) contains an activator liquid that you add to your toothbrush and use on your teeth first in order to remove surface stains, before using the actual bleaching gel. It also contains 10 ml of non-peroxide whitening gel which is said to be enough for up to 14 applications. There is also a set of upper and lower heat mouldable mouth trays, a shade guide and instructions. You should use the gel for between 30 to 60 minutes once a day and while some people say they see results after the first application, you’re more likely to start noticing a change after at least one week to 10 days.

The makers claim you could experience up to 12 shades lighter teeth with their system but do not make it clear whether this includes the home use kits or only the professional treatments.

The remainder of this review refers to the deluxe home teeth whitening kit, which is being marketed in the UK via

Our Beaming White Deluxe Kit


  • The gels used in the treatments are made in the USA and are guaranteed to be safe and of good quality.
  • Like other home use teeth whitening kits the process is easy enough and the cost saving over treatment from a dentist is considerable. The deluxe kit costs £99, whereas a dentist can charge £300 or more for supervised bleaching with custom-made mouth trays.
  • The main bleaching agent used is sodium perborate although this does not seem to be mentioned anywhere in the sales literature. Sodium perborate is a water soluble white crystalline source of active oxygen and can be used as a bleaching agent in the monohydrate form. It is gentler than bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide at equivalent concentrations, and is therefore now preferred for use in home teeth whitening kits to avoid problems of irritation and teeth sensitivity.
  • Beaming White meets the new EU rules on home teeth whitening, where over-the-counter or at-home kits sold without a dentist’s involvement must contain less than 0.1% peroxide.


  • There is some discussion over just how effective sodium perborate and sodium bicarbonate are at whitening teeth. These two bleaching agents have taken over from carbamide peroxide because of the new EU ruling effectively banning peroxides in home kits because of safety concerns. Sodium perborate and sodium bicarbonate are less caustic than carbamide peroxide in general terms but probably also somewhat less efficient at whitening teeth. There is as yet a lack of evidence about its effectiveness but evidence from the use of sodium perborate by dentists to bleach discoloured teeth that have darkened due to death of the pulp from trauma suggest that sodium perborate is not as effective in the short term but may achieve satisfactory results given sufficient time. Since peroxides will not be available in concentrations of more than 6% for home teeth whitening (if supplied by the dentist, only 0.1% if bought over-the-counter), in all fairness this cannot be said to be a disadvantage over any other kit out there. It may just mean that all new non-peroxide home kits might need to be used for longer than the carbamide peroxide ones to get a reasonable result.
  • Some people have problems with heat mouldable mouth trays and don’t get a very good fit, either because they don’t get the water hot enough or don’t leave the tray in long enough. This means that gel is likely to spill over the edges of the trays into the mouth, and, whilst not harmful, is quite wasteful.
  • There may not be sufficient gel provided in the kit, given that it may take two weeks or more to achieve adequate whitening. One would expect to see more gel supplied in the kit, especially for the price. Unless it is used very sparingly you might run out within a week or so.


There is the usual disclaimer with this kit about results differing from person to person depending on various factors and that teeth whitening may not be appropriate for some. However the makers claim ‘noticeable’ improvement with the system after 10 days with daily use of 30-60 minutes.

It is certain that there will be some improvement, but the claims of seven to12 shades lighter are probably overly optimistic. These sorts of results are usually only achieved by dentists using power whitening (light assisted) in the dental chair with very strong carbamide peroxide gels under carefully controlled conditions.

This product will probably whiten your teeth by a few shades given sufficient time and this is usually satisfactory for most people. It is safe for anyone to use without any worries over irritation of teeth or gums, but there are cheaper kits on the market that are as good, and one cannot claim that Beaming White is especially good value for money, especially given the small amount of bleaching gel provided.

Where to Buy:

Beaming White home teeth whitening kits are available to buy online at

Beaming White Smile Review2Dr Robert Esmund2012-02-21 14:47:50Beaming White® is the name for a teeth whitening system that originated in the USA but is available in the UK, either as a treatment provided by Gene…


  1. Rating: Not Rated

    Just awful quality. I have yet to use the actual gel but I’m pretty close to just throwing it in the bin at this point! I ordered this online, within the UK, on the 22nd of May. It eventually arrived, almost a month after I ordered. The kit is unimpressive on first sight and I would be furious if I’d paid the full price for it [as it was I bought it via groupon for £19]. The kit also only came with one mouth tray – what good is that! I’m going to have to sit for two lots of 45mins and use the same tray on my upper and lower teeth. First though I’m going to have to go and buy my own teeth trays as the ONE that came with my order first of all wouldn’t mould to my teeth at all in water that had been half boiled in my kettle. I put the kettle on again and this time fully boiled it and waited a minute or so before I put the tray in for a second attempt. It immediately shrivelled up and closed. I got it open again but it hardened so quickly I didn’t have a chance to mould it around my mouth. The thing is useless. It’s now in the bin and, only out sheer stubborness, I’m going to go and buy my own mouth moulds and give the gel a try. Although I’m now expecting to be just as frustrated with this. Do NOT waste your money, even if it comes on special offer. A very annoying experience from a so called professional product!

  2. Sally says:

    Hi Carly,

    Thank you for trying our kit – most of our customers love it so I’m very sorry to hear about the problems you are having. We always immediately ship the kits out as soon as the orders come in – but we have had issues with the postal service. You may contact Groupon for a refund or you may send an email to uk (at) beamingwhite (dot) com for replacement mouth trays. We want you to be happy with your kit.


    Sally at Beaming White

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