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The Dial A Smile Professional Whitening Kit from Whitening Lightning gets rid of messy trays or whitening strips. Instead the kit provides a gel that you can easily brush onto your teeth using the brush provided. The whitening action of this gel is encouraged by the use of a special LED light that you shine on the teeth for 20 minutes, though you are encouraged to keep the gel on your teeth all night before brushing off the next morning.

The kit comes complete with three professional whitening treatments and claims to help lighten your teeth by four to seven shades on average in one single treatment.

The ingredients are listed as menthol, carbopol, glycerine and hydrogen peroxide, meaning that this is one of the traditional methods of tooth whitening or bleaching using peroxide. It does not state the proportion of peroxide contained in the kit, however, so it is not possible to know if it complies with the new EU ruling that home kits sold without dentist supervision must contain no more than 0.1% peroxide.

The kit provides three professional whitening treatments – but doesn’t tell you upfront just how much gel you are getting – the LED blue light, teeth wipes to first dry the teeth before use, a brush and dispensing tub, a shade guide to determine the colour of your teeth before and after and a vitamin E swab to coat the gums and lips.


  • The provision of Vitamin E to coat your lips and gums is a nice touch. Vitamin E can help soothe, prevent or reduce any irritation from the peroxide in the bleaching gel.
  • Unlike other kits where you have to sit wearing trays of bleaching gel for at least an hour, this procedure itself can be done in just 20 minutes and, in theory, then subsequently work while you are sleeping.
  • The manufacturers point out that Dial A Smile Professional Whitening Kit is particularly good for smokers, wine and coffee fans who have stains on their teeth as a result of their lifestyle or eating/ drinking habits.
  • No need to mess around with messy trays of bleaching formula. Here the gel is provided in a handy syringe; you just need to break off the seal and squirt 1.5ml of gel into the dispensing tub provided. The remainder of the gel can be stored in the refrigerator. You then dip the brush provided into the dispensing tub and brush onto the teeth.
  • The use of carbopol, a traditional thickening and suspending agent, should ideally ensure the gel stays in place on the teeth until it is brushed off. As this product uses a gel brush as opposed to teeth whitening trays, there may be less chance of leakage and subsequent swallowing.
  • The addition of menthol may well add a minty taste to the gel as opposed to the sour taste of many other tooth whitening gels.


  • The Dial A Smile Professional Whitening Kit uses hydrogen peroxide as its main active ingredient; this is quite unusual for an at-home teeth whitener where the majority of kits use carbamide peroxide instead. Carbamide peroxide is typically a lower-dosage version of hydrogen peroxide that is safer for at-home use. It is much more stable than hydrogen peroxide, which declines rapidly when left, and is safer for use over the longer term. Carbamide peroxide typically breaks down to give a third of hydrogen peroxide, meaning an 18% carbamide peroxide solution is equal to a 6% hydrogen peroxide one.
  • Hydrogen peroxide typically has a much shorter shelf life than carbamide peroxide, which usually lasts for up to two years. The website does not state how long any unused hydrogen peroxide solution will keep.
  • A gel brush is unlikely to be able to get between the teeth as well as the gel in a teeth whitening tray. As such, the impact made may be reduced by a darker colour between the teeth.
  • The lack of information regarding the concentration of peroxide within this gel means people are ordering without any real knowledge of what they are buying. A too high concentration can cause teeth and gum sensitivity, while a 0.1% peroxide solution – to comply with EU regulations – is unlikely to be really effective.
  • The kit makes a lot of its 20 minutes process time but this is somewhat misleading when you are then advised to keep the gel on your teeth all night and brush it off in the morning. The bonus to this, however, is that the gel is more likely to work the longer that you keep it on your teeth.
  • The frequently asked questions section of the Whitening Lightning website states that there should be no sensitivity with this product. Without knowing the exact concentration of peroxide – and bearing in mind that hydrogen peroxide is stronger than carbamide peroxide – it is difficult to trust this claim.
  • Some people may find it difficult to smile widely for 20 minutes while using the light without needing to close the teeth to swallow.
  • For a home kit, the product is far from cheap, currently retailing at £254.20. While the cost of teeth whitening at the dentists can vary from£200 to £750, the average is usually around the £350 mark, not that much more expensive than this solely-at-home product.


Hydrogen peroxide is quicker acting than traditional carbamide peroxide, so it may be that Dial A Smile’s Professional Whitening Kit’s claim of noticeable whitening of between four to seven shades after just one use could hold true.

The fact that it doesn’t reveal its concentration of peroxide, however, makes me nervous. Such information would allow potential customers to judge how effective this product could be — too low a percentage and it is unlikely to work as claimed – as well as to predict any potential teeth sensitivity. I don’t understand why this is not provided.

Until the company decides to reveal its concentrations of peroxide, you buy at your own risk.

Where To Buy:

Dial A Smile Professional Whitening Kit is available to buy from Whitening Lightening’s official website http://www.whiteninglightning.com/dial-a-smile-professional-whitening-kit/

Dial A Smile Professional Whitening Kit Review3.5Dr Robert Esmund2012-06-22 11:29:16The Dial A Smile Professional Whitening Kit from Whitening Lightning gets rid of messy trays or whitening strips. Instead the kit provides a gel that …

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