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Dental White®, created by renowned American dentist Dr George Madray, is the most effective, best value home whitening kit currently available and is our top-rated teeth whitening product. It combines the optimum concentration of bleaching agent with customised mouth trays to give efficient coverage of all teeth surfaces.

Dental White can only be purchased in the UK online, exclusively from Smile4You.co.uk. It is currently still available to buy but no one yet knows what will happen when new EU regulations limiting home kits to no more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide (or less than 6% if supplied by your dentist) comes into force in the UK. The EU rules are restricting peroxide strength on the grounds of safety, but it is a shame as carbamide peroxide gels of the correct strength have been proven to be the best type to use to whiten teeth easily, effectively and, for the most part, safely, when used according to instructions. Dental White is approved for use by the FDA in the U.S.

Our Dental White Kit


  • The bleaching agent is 16% carbamide peroxide which produces a powerful bleaching effect with low levels of irritation. Any concentration above 22% is associated with increased tooth sensitivity, while less than 10% is unlikely to have much of an impact at all. Sixteen per cent is just the right concentration of bleaching agent. The gel induces oxygenation deep inside the teeth without damage, to achieve up to ten shades whiter teeth within a couple of weeks.
  • The whitening effect of this carbamide peroxide formulation is still superior to the non-peroxide kits appearing on the market in response to the EU restrictions. Non-peroxide kits rely on sodium bicarbonate or similar chemicals which are less powerful bleaching agents.
  • The kit provides 120ml of solution, enough for more than 200 treatments.
  • The mouth trays can be customised to get a good fit over the teeth and efficient surface coverage.
  • The product is safe and FDA approved in the U.S.
  • The full kit comes with an ultra-violet light to energise the gel and speed up the whitening process.
  • Remineralisation gel is supplied as part of the full kit (recommended aftercare).
  • The kit comes with full instructions and customer support.
  • The kit is excellent value for money, costing just £36.97 for the full kit, and has a shelf life of up to two years.
  • The product has a proven track record and comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.
  • The sample kit we ordered, pictured above, arrived quickly in the post and was well packaged.


  • The use of gel-filled trays in the mouth is slightly more fiddly than just sticking on a whitening strip, but the results are well worth the trouble. An improvement of seven to10 shades is more easily achieved with the tray method, as opposed to two to three shades with strips. Because strips don’t reach right in between teeth as well, their use can result in dark shadows between the teeth.
  • As with any peroxide-based kit, extra care should be taken not to let bleaching gel spill on to the lips or gums, as this may cause some irritation.


There is no doubt that using trays of gel in the mouth is far superior to using strips, and Dr George has created probably the best kit on the market, combining guaranteed performance with minimal inconvenience at an attractive price.

Where To Buy:

Dr George’s Dental White is available to buy online in the UK exclusively from www.Smile4You.co.uk.

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Dr George’s Dental White Review4.5Dr Robert Esmund2012-01-20 14:22:56Dental White®, created by renowned American dentist Dr George Madray, is the most effective, best value home whitening kit currently available and is…

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